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12-Year-Old Rapper Arrested For Selling CDs

Over the last few weeks, discussions regarding a 12-year-old rapper being arrested for selling CDs in one of Georgia’s malls has flooded the internet.

The 12-year-old, Corey Jackson, was shopping in Cumberland Mall on Oct. 6 when a Cobb County police officer confronted him.

Many people have criticized the police officer, claiming that he used an aggressive amount of force when dealing with a child.

Cops claim that the rapper, who is popularly known as Lil C-note, was selling CDs without a license.

After being approached by the cop, the child’s aunt takes out her phone to record the interaction.

Caught on tape is the officer forcibly grabbing the 12-year-old and saying, “You’re going to jail.”

“He’s not doing anything,” the aunt replies. “He got his rights. He not even doing anything right now, sir.”

Outside sources have claimed that the 12-year-old has been issued a trespass warning for selling CDs before the incident that took place on Oct. 6.

Other sources claim that the officer was merely in search of information that could be used against the 12-year-old in order to make an arrest.

In the video, you can clearly see the officer man-handling Jackson, which leads to a physical dispute between the officer and the aunt.

Corey is now facing charges of criminal trespass, felony obstruction, misdemeanor and disorderly conduct. His aunt has been charged with criminal trespass, felony obstruction, disorderly conduct, and for giving a false name and birthdate to the police.

According to several sources, the boy was not jailed and was eventually released into the custody of his father.

Corey’s family and their attorney are working diligently to have all charges against Corey Jackson dropped.


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