Bob Woodward’s Fear

If you haven’t already caught wind, the 3rd “tell-all” book, or “work of fiction” (as the president refers to it), has been released; It is titled “Fear” and it’s written by award winning journalist, Bob Woodward, who says he released it as a “wake up call to the public”.

What surprises me most is that almost every piece of evidence that Woodward refers to are statements made by TRMUP’S administration. In other words, these are people that we didn’t not elect, but people that he entrusted.

It speaks volumes when the very people that you have chosen to have your back and keep your best interest are now going against you and all of your lies and secrets are beginning to mysteriously unfold.

Out of the many grungy and foul details this books contains, here are a few of the top revelations and major takeaways: 

  1. As if this was not already a known fact, Donald Trump is referred to as “disrespectful, vulgar, and disengaged” and the administration is described as a “zoo without walls”. Apparently, on Trump’s daily “to-do” list is to hand out rude and ill-mannered insults to the people that are supposed to then turn around and defend his honor. One example of this is when president Trump allegedly told Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, “I don’t want you to do anymore negotiations, you are past your prime”. Another is when he referred to his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as “mentally retarted” and called him a “dumb southerner.” 
  1. Government officials are trying to override the president to serve and protect YOU from the president that YOU voted for to serve and protect YOU. Several of the people apart of his senior staff had to secretly remove documents from his desk without his knowledge, because they knew that it was likely that he’d sign them without much deliberation.
  1. His own lawyers thought that he’d commit perjury and get himself sent to jail. After trying to convince his lawyers that he’s be a “good witness”, he was strongly advised to not testify because “it’ll either be that or an orange jumpsuit”.

Each allegation has been met with numerous statements of denial from Trump himself and his current staff; “Woodward’s book means nothing, it’s a work of fiction” —meanwhile Trump has given over 4,000 misleading statements and counting since his inauguration in January of last year. And I ask, who’s really the work of fiction here?

The President’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, recently did an interview on CNN with John Tapper. They discuss how Woodward expressed his interest in interviewing Trump for the book. Weirdly enough, Trump told Woodward that he wished that he could’ve been interviewed for the book, but no one gave him information about when the interview was supposed to take place. Woodward went through Conway to try and get ahold of the president because she’s one of many DIRECT contacts, but for some strange reason, Trump never the memo. Conway claims to have sent in a request for them to speak, but when asked who she sent the claim to, she responds with “I won’t divulge internal conversation. I can only go so far. I guess I can bring it right to the president next time.” — Huh?

Kellyanne Conway concludes the interview with “Besides that, we’re doing great in terms of bringing peace, not war.” That’s interesting because in Woodward’s book, Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis said that last year Trump called him suggesting that they assassinate or “f—cking kill” Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and “kill the lot of them”. 

It’s compelling how people like Conway and the White House’s Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci attempts to disregard all of Woodward’s claims and then covers it all with statements like “while all of this may be true, Trump has made major improvements for the economy.” In this case, what we are all hearing is “It’s okay for the leader of our country to be an evil, manipulative, untrustworthy, ignorant, hateful, sexist, and racist person, as long as the economy is flourishing?” 


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