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I don't look the same every time .. a body changes!!! but I don't go around making people think I'm thick af and in reality I'm a skinny woman lmao … 😂😂😂😂 that's not the case . I'm thick , I'm natural , my waist is small af and my hips are wide as hell … always has been that way . Stop trying to "expose" me on Instagram if there's really nothing to expose . I'm a woman . Sometimes I'm thick ,sometimes life is stressful and I lose a few pounds here and there .. who cares ? Why do women always try to find anything to hate on ??? If my success makes you feel uncomfortable you should try to create your own , instead of hating on everything that I'm working for .. I'm full of mistakes and flaws and I'm learning to accept them , maybe you should try the same. If you got time to point fingers at others you're not working hard enough ..

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