George Zimmerman sends threats to Beyoncé

George Zimmerman allegedly sent threatening text messages to Beyoncé and Jay-Z during the filming of Trayvon Martin’s documentary.

Zimmerman’s text messages were discovered by a private investigator who worked on uncovered the 2012 case of Trayvon Martin.

According to VIBE Magazine, Zimmerman also sent similar messages to other producers working on Martin’s documentary.

Zimmerman referred to Beyoncé as a “broke whore.” He also stated within the messages, “If I see either of them in my life,they’ll find themselves inside a 13 foot gator.”

The Blast reports that these threatening messages will be featured within the last  episode of the Trayvon Martin documentary.

You can catch the final episode of the documentary this Monday, September 11th on BET and the Paramount Network at 10 p.m. EST.

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