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Thank you. I'm extremely shy ☺️ #FunFact

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Big Head 👽Makeup and photo cred: @hotlikefirre

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This filter is evil 😂😂

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Full video Part 1 this is the front, yes I do have one from the back 😏 I will post it later. Ladies ask me all the time to give them tips and classes. My 1st tip is relax. Don't take yourself too seriously or the tease. "Tease" is not a serious word by definition it means to make fun of or provoke. The point of this video is so you could see the reaction from others by me just doing a simple movement that any woman can do. I'm not moving hard at all I'm not standing on my head there isn't any acrobats going on. Although that is amazing and it has its place in entertainment. But when your at home with your man or woman it's not really realistic. Very easy and effortless being a woman your already endowed with sex appeal. We have been taught not to embrace this. But let's start to do better. It's power and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Also be careful who you give your power to. SEDUCTION AND SLUT is not the same thing although that's what they want you to believe to keep you from wanting to be sexy and embracing your feminine power. Having CONTROL of yourself sexually will only add to your allure. There is a huge different between actually having sex and dancing. Very big difference. Some of you act like you don't know that. Enjoy 💋 and feel free to send me your sexy videos I would love to see 👀 #100percentnatural #bodybymaliah #noshots #nolipo #seduction #sexy #entertainment #cleaneating #discipline #fitness #vegan #excercise #handmade #allnaturalproducts #organic

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