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Here’s Why Your Mom Told You To Never Trust The Internet

A few days ago, an alleged picture of Travis Scott cheating on Kylie Jenner surfaced the internet. The picture made headlining news on several platforms and, of course, fans shared their thoughts on social media. In fact, many fans believed that Kris Jenner even created the drama for a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Scott, however, denied the rumors.

It’s safe to say, we all owe Scott an apology. A YouTuber by the name of Christian Adam revealed that he staged the photo for a social experiment.

In a video, Adam explains that the video was never “to hurt anyone’s relationship but to see how gullible the internet is.” He also goes into depth of all the preparations it took to stage the photo. Adam begins by contacting various people to help him pull off the scandal. Next, he changes his own personal appearance to recreate Travis Scott’s look. Finally, viewers even see him and the woman he is posed with meet up to capture the shots. Adam went to the extreme of photoshopping a TMZ logo on the photo.

The full video can be found here.

Unforunately, not everyone considers the experiment, or Adam’s apology geninue. Travis Scott commented on the Instagram post above stating “shaking my fu*king head.” Following, Kylie Jenner posted on her story how the experiment messed with “real people, real relationships, real family.” This post has now been deleted. Lastly, sister Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter about the situation.

Nonetheless, the social experiment does open an important conversation of: what precautions must we take when discovering news on the internet? Furthermore, just how damaging are rumors to celebrities’ personal lives?


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