Jacquees Served a Cease and Desist Letter for The Removal of His “Trip” Quemix

Fans are in uproar after the sudden removal of the famous singer, Jacquees’, remix to Ella Mai’s popular song “Trip”. Jacquees is known for remixing songs of popular artists and has never ran into any problems up until now.

Reportedly, the remix began to outperform the original copy of “Trip” resulting in a cease and desist letter for its removal. Jacquees confirmed the removal of his remix from all digital platforms on twitter. Allegedly, the singer had to remove the remix because he was making profit from it. Jacquees dispelled this alleged rumor by tweeting the statement below in response to T-Pain’s monetary allegations.


DJ Mustard, who signed Ella to his record label 10 Summers Records, went to Instagram to defend and dismiss the rumors that Ella Mai served Jacquees the cease and desist letter and forced the removal of his remix from all digital platforms.

Jacquees’ team has released a statement to Billboard expressing that Jacquees does remixes to songs all the time. They state, “For the new people who are just catching up to who Jacquees is as an artist, this has become very controversial for no reason. “We love Ella and are cool with her team as well. He has been releasing not only Quemix songs but entire projects with remixes of other artists’ songs ranging back to 2013. This was an act of genuine support and should not turn into negativity for either of the artist or from their supporters.”

Fortunately for fans, Jacquees is looking past the controversy and still hopes for a collaboration with Ella Mai soon.


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