JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Mom Still Makes Him Do Chores

Steeler’s wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster earned $27,000 per week in 2017 during the first season of his contract and he also notched 917 receiving yards on 58 catches during his rookie campaign, pocketing a $1.19 million signing bonus. Yet, he still has to do chores.

Smith-Schuster’s stats and money, seem to be irrelevant to his mother, who made sure he knew he was never too good to do chores.

“You ain’t got no starts when you come to my house,” Smith-Schuster’s mother could be heard saying, while directing him to sweep in a brief Twitter clip.

“Mom, I’m an NFL player. I can’t be brooming and sweeping up this trash,” Smith-Schuster shot back.

It’s unclear if the clip was staged, but either way, her reaction was priceless.

“So what! You ain’t shit,” Smith-Schuster’s mother replied. “Go broom up that goddamn shit over there. Hurry up.”

We all got to do it JuJu. We feel for you.


@juju’s mom out here making sure he stays humble 😂😂 *NSFW*

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