Kanye Mess: Yeezy puts down his MAGA hat to remind us of his feud with Drake

Oh Brother

here we go again *insert facepalm emoji*

The Motzart of the McRib took to twitter to post a screenshot of what appears to be someone alerting him to a recent clearance request for “Say What’s Real” from Drake.

You know what’s fake? Your wife’s butt.

The industry concious amongst twitter recognized this as a possible effort to get the full “So Far Gone” mixtape available on all streaming platforms with the 10 year anniversary coming up. For those that don’t know, the Drake track uses Kanye’s “Say You Will” off of the “808s and Heartbreak” album. While we thought we had heard the last of this underwhelming and sporadic feud, here we are.


This beef started over the summer over allegations that Kanye fed Pusha T info/ammunition that eventually ended up in the absolutely brutal but eventually inconsequential diss track “The Story of Adidon” . Drake went on to leave Push The Tea on READ as the dust eventually settled and both artists went on their respective tours this Fall.

We’ll keep you updated, but hopefully the end of this is near, and we can get the FULL version of “So Far Gone” on all streaming platforms soon

Never mind.

to be continued

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