Kodaq Pick of the Week: Alex Aus10

Aus10 takes us down the rabbit hole with the second single off “Alex In W10derland”

Hailing from the great state of Louisiana, home to other iconic rap stars, the likes of Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, and Boosie.. Alex Aus10 looks to stake his own claim to rap superstardom repping his own hometown of Houma, Louisiana

Aus10 signed with Atlanta based management group “Making Good Music & Talent” from which he’s on the second release of his new project “Alex In W10derland” titled “Crazy” the previous being “Antisocial” check the link below for the track

Aus10’s flow definitely matches the “Wonderland” theme of his project. The heavy emphasis on auto tune on the track would ring off heavy in any club in the country. The subject matter of the track centers around bagging a baddie, which any of us can relate to. The consistently trippy artwork used on “Antisocial” and “Crazy” is a nice touch and a slight nod to Alex Aus10 attention to detail in regards to the theme  of his music


“Alex In W10derland” now streaming on all platforms


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