Kodaq Pick Of The Week: Gangster Pop

Lanze bares his soul on his latest project

Following in the footsteps of rappers like Benzino and Guru, Lanze combines his Boston roots and west coast vibes directly into his latest project “Gangster Pop”.

The MC from AZ is staking his claim in the rap community

The project kicks off with the blaring sound of “Be Big (remix)”,  which is an anthem on everything most of us grow up wanting. The best is what catches your attention, but the wealth raps is what ties the track so nicely together. 

His lead single “Fear Nobody” is a soulful ballad dedicated to those in the trenches of every hood in America . Touching on many of the riches and downfalls that come with the lifestyle glorified in rap music, Lanze also tours his religion with the titular hook of “other than God, we don’t fear nobody”


check below for video !

Also, Lanze didn’t forget to provide a banger for the women with this bed rocker “C’mon”. Using the familiar bed squeaks from “Some Cut”, this track is clearly an ode to the women that can either capture you with their eyes, or that ass. Either way, you’re hooked. Lanze takes it a step beyond simple lust when he states that the central woman in this song could also be the future leading lady in his life . 


The entire project is solid, looking forward to more from Lanze in the future and hearing where he can grow musically from here. 





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