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Rolling Out and Craft Syndicate Hold “A Music Master Class” in Atlanta

Last night media partners Rolling Out and Craft Syndicate held a panel titled “A Music Master Class.” The panelist at the event included Rick Ross, Ray Murray, and Zaytoven. Each panelist seemed to bring a different element to the event, however, all three gave crucial advice about developing success in the music industry.

In the beginning, the panelists were asked to describe the first principle that came to mind when trying to succeed in the music industry. This question opened the discussion of a personal question many need to have with themselves. Ross pointed out that it must be “something you love to do.” Often people are so focused on securing the bag, that they lose their initial love for the career. Furthermore, the panelist addressed that one cannot have a consistent foundation and stay grounded in a craft they do not love. Therefore, starting out many must ask – is this something I love to do?

They went on to elaborate that love shouldn’t be confused by fear either. Basically, allowing other people to cast a dim light on your passion, and calling it tough love, can hinder your love for the craft.

“If you let fear shadow your dreams, you’ll lose in the end,” explained Ray Murray. Furthermore, he touched on the idea of investing in yourself and understand how to grind for a larger purpose. “If you don’t spend the money on yourself, then no one will spend money on you.”

Ross also chimed in and added a “boss should be able to feel your a team player” because that’s ultimately what people look for. If you can’t exhibit creativity, uniqueness, or dedication then it would be unlikely for you to get signed. The panelists then spoke on how collaboration is going to become crucial in the future since technology is becoming easier to access and operate.

Murray continued, “your phone is your studio now. It’s just that easy.”

Towards the end, the audience got the opportunity to ask a few questions as well. The biggest question came from how to get signed. Ross touched on how the key factor is to get noticed and make yourself known. He even pointed out that coming to events like the panel was a great opportunity that everyone should use to network. This just goes to show how important these panels truly are.

Overall, the event seemed to be a success. The audience left with great opportunities and wisdom. Next time there is a class, make sure you RSVP. All information can be found on the websites of Rolling Out and Craft Syndicate. 


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