Supa Bro: First Black Super Hero To Save The Ghetto

Clowning Down South is a mini comedy show that was created by Myles. Shot in Houston Texas, Alief to be exact. We have characters that we will develop and that will grow on you. The 1st one is introduced in episode 1, Supa Bro, a black young super hero that helps the ghetto out as much as possible. Supa Bro is the coolest urban hero there is. More of Supa Bro to come. In the beginning of the show it starts off as portraying a famous rapper doing a interview acting as a rapper acts. In the last skit we bring back to life a real scenario of a car pool gone wrong. We couldn’t really do the whole truth but we bent it a little. The real story is that when we were all young we had a bullshit job where everyone in the neighborhood worked at. Puncho was cool at 1st he didn’t start off that way. A situation happened when he broke up with his girlfriend and like a simp he went silent in life. He would come in the car, with a blanket/hoodie not say anything to anyone and would just curl up and go to sleep. He didnt start off like this, it happened like after 2 months of us getting the job, and this was our friend so we didn’t really care, we would just make fun of him. He would say hi, he would just dive in the car and ask for Starbucks……

So Clowning Down South will keep rolling and if you have any ideas let me know, 2nd episode is in the making.

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