The 2019 Grammy Review

The 2019 Grammys just wrapped up and it was in incredible night if you’re in Atlanta based artist. Stone Mountain’s own, Donald Glover, took home Best Video and Song of the Year, while Cardi B, One of the top acts at Atlanta based label, Quality Control took home Best Rap Album.

The biggest surprise of the night would be relative dark horse, Kacey Musgrave, taking home Album of the Year. Other notable moments, Dua Lipa taking home New Artist of the Year , and HER winning best R&B album. Drake took the award for Best Rap Song, but that wasn’t the most talked about moment regarding the Beige Canadian. During his acceptance speech the program inexplicably cut to commercial as he was explaining that awards aren’t as important as appreciation from the fans. It’s notable because other acts that went over their acceptance speech time, were at least given music as a warning to wrap it up. However, with Drake, they cut straight to commercial.

As we’ve been reporting over the last week, 21 Savage remains in ICE custody. His absence was noticeable, especially as Post Malone performed their smash hit “Rockstar“ with little to no mention of him during the performance. On a brighter note, Savage received partial credit on both of Donald Glover‘s wins tonight, and finally receiving acknowledgment from one of the songs composers, Ludwig Goransson during the acceptance speech.

Speaking of shade , Ariana Grande was not feeling the Mac Miller snub for AOTY. As we know, Mac tragically passed late 2018. She’s been vocal about their relationship since then, mentioning him in her hit single “thank u, next”. When Invasion of Privacy won over Swimming, Ariana had THIS to say.


We heard about Jennifer Lopez possibly doing a Motown tribute, and the negative reaction may have been warranted. Jennifer Lopez and the sound of those Motown hits clashed like Orange juice and toothpaste. One of the bigger moments of the night was neither a performance or an acceptance speech. That moment came less than five minutes from the start of the show when host Alicia Keys brought out Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and the ladies spoke on what music meant to their respective careers

From the Roc Nation Brunch, to the Grammys, this years show was definitely an experience.

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