How will YOU prepare for Hurricane Florence?

Unfortunately, the raging “Hurricane Florence” is due to hit more than just the eastern coast. It is said to be making its first appearance on Friday morning and the people on the coats of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, have been forced to evacuate their homes immediately as the storm gets closer to the shore.

Florence is said to potentially cause “massive damage”, as it is at a category 5 hurricane wind speed.

The meteorologists tracking Hurricane Florence have released their latest reports saying that the “deadly storm” is going to cause inland flooding to Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Also, there will be a on-going spans of rain storms in those coastal areas.

As of now, Hurricane Florence has continuous winds of about 130 mph and is 845 miles from the state of North Carolina. When it reaches shore, it is said to go down to at least a category 3 storm and cause about 3 feet of rain.

Prayers go out for the safety of those on the mid-Atlantic and southeastern parts of the United States in hope that everyone continues to evacuate and prepare for the storm ahead.


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