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Bronner, Beauty, Brunch… BRILLIANT

Over the weekend of August 16 Bronner Bros. hosted their annual International Beauty Show. With some new additions geared towards promoting the empowerment of successful beauty entrepreneurs, BEAUTY OVER BRUNCH, featuring a panel of successful women within the beauty industry being 100% transparent covering their journey, marketing their business, finding their niche, and more.

Many emerging beauty entrepreneurs gathered from around the U.S. to ask our guest fire burning questions and to receive advice that could help place them on a road to success. Majority quickly expressed the shared the same beginning thoughts when starting their business, “I want to start a business, but everyone is doing some of the same things I want my business to consist of so should I?” Well the Beauty over Brunch panelist put those doubting thoughts to shame.

Yandee Smith, successful media mogul and now owner of emerging Yelle Skin Care exclaimed “it’s all about finding your niche.” She expressed how having 5+ million followers wasn’t the answer and following what others were doing to promote was not either. Smith explained that she had to sit and evaluate what made her product so different and that was simply the diversity of her product being for all genders, ages, & for melanin skin. She then began to market utilizing her own family by showing the usage of her products with her kids and husband within their everyday lives. “I remember I posted a video being silly in my bathroom with my babies putting on the products, and from there I just seen the increase in engagement, sales, and followers.”

Marlo Hampton also talked about how she found her niche and right business for her. “I’m new to the wig game but — I knew I wanted my brand to represent me, to be meaningful, to represent a new version of me every day” That’s exactly what she did with her new wig line, HER, explaining that’s who she feels like when she switches her wigs.. An Haute ‘Her’, an Elegant ‘Her’, a Rebel ‘Her’.

Another one of the key points touched on was, to stay on your grind while juggling multiple things. As most entrepreneurs today are balancing their corporate workplace and their businesses wondering “when the right time is to be 100% dedicated and quit my 9 to 5”. Beauty Expert and HR business consultant Tie Cooper put those exceptions and thoughts to rest, sharing that it is possible and okay to still have a 9 to 5 job and run your own business at the same time.

Tie still works at her corporate job and is a full-time entrepreneur at the same time, Tie emphasized it’s all about giving everything 100% and focusing on the right things at the right time. She had made herself a public figure by showing that this is possible. “I didn’t get my degrees to waste, I can love two things at one time and be fully dedicated”. While explaining her journey Tie also mentioned that having a well pairing cooperate job and education has helped fund her businesses and take her professionalism to the next level at l the same time. “If you can do both why not?” Multiple streams of income are better than just one anyway. 

Da Real BB Judy of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, known as the Home of the Miracle Drops, also ran down on the ladies and gentlemen at the brunch alongside Microblading artist and Love and Hip Hop reality star Sierra, CEO of the Glam shop. Both of these ladies’ share simulate stories of being mothers and shop owners. Key concepts that both ladies expressed were wanting their team within their shops to win as bad as they wanted to by sacrificing time with their children, profitable money, and personal lives. Also, not falling into the hype of social media because it is not always the glitz and glam that you see influencers, experts, & business owners posting.

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true in many social media socialites, influencers, business owners, etc. posts. Sierra describes a time where she was her lowest within her business by trying to keep up her lifestyle but push success as well and her car was repoed in front of everyone outside her own shop. She explains that was the moment that made her realize it was time to change and make smarter moves for not only herself and lifestyle but for the success of her business as well.

What better way was it to end the brunch than to open the floor for the guest for Q&A. During this time, we seen our panelist embrace the attendees of the brunch by exchanging information and being a helping hand to bring their businesses together through genuine support and collaboration. But that’s not all, of course there were goodie bags with items from Bronner Bros.and some of the panelist as well including DaRealBBJudy’sKaleidoscope Miracle Drops, tons of oils, twisting creams, and deep conditioners, Bronner Bros. firm hold curling gel, BronnerBros. super gro conditioner with Aloe, H.E.A.L. Quick Miracle Lotion & More.

Bronner Bros. Beauty over Brunch was the perfect edition for the emerging growth in entrepreneurship within the beauty industry. Attendees and Beauty Enthusiast are anxious to see what more is to be expected, this was the BeautyCon for growing entrepreneurs in the Industry and greatest personal interactive networking experience to date. The energy, empowerment, aesthetics, and knowledge shared in the room was essentially UNMATCHED

Derian Harper



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