Kodaq’s Artist Of The Week: Ervin Mitchell

Hailing from the home place of the Blues, Memphis, Tennessee, Ervin Mitchell has been around music and influenced by it his entire life. A Morehouse grad, that has a strong gift of gab, his newest project “Double Dragon” is the newest chapter in his story of progress and self discovery. Triumphant tracks such as “Take Over The World” ooze the bravado and machismo often found on rap tracks, but x 10. And songs like “Happy Birthday” a retrospective track on on discovery and rediscovery or yearly circle around the sun. I first discovered Ervin when i heard his previous song “Peace Sign Emoji” a braggadocios banger, filled with NBA comparisons and a guide to curving thirsty women, I’ve been a fan ever since, so let’s jump into DOUBLE DRAGON .

The first song I want to highlight is “Career Day”. The beat for this creeps in and intrigued me from the jump, and then Reggie drops in and catches it to begin his verse. Now the first time i heard mention of Ran$om was on an earlier Ervin Mitchell song called “Peace Sign Emoji”, a song filled with NBA symbolism. Erv picks up where he left off left off with “when up for the layup, got it smacked, guess I ain’t Charles Barkley”. The brooding beat patterns and bars about Career Day in school being a sham are the best parts about this track. This track reminds me of how much schools teach compliance and shun originality , Reggie and Erv fit that concept nicely into this 3 minute and 15 second track .

A personal fave of mine , “Take Over The World” , begins with a piece of the 1994 movie “Double Dragon”. The track starts slow but IMMEDIATELY kicks it into high gear. The old school brand of hip hop that made me an Ervin Mitchell fan is on display from the first bar . The combination of Ran$om, Mitchell, Austyn Michael reminds me of the chemistry OutKast had when they linked with Raekwon for “Royal Flush”. The absolute lyrical assault exhibited by these three MCs, must have created a murder scene in the studio.

Finally, the lead single of the project is titled “Happy Birthday”, is led by Erv and singing the hook of “Happy Birthday got me feeling like I’m old/ hiding in the basement of my fxckin soul”. On the surface, this seems like a traditional (well, not really) ode to getting a year older. But on closer analysis of the lyrics, it’s actually a coming of age track that most out of college millennials can relate to. Heading into the first hook he says “focus on the process, so much more to go”. Who can’t relate? Most people in their early to late 20s are at a figurative cross roads in terms of their career. Most of us see our peers flourishing in their respective lives/careers… getting jobs, starting their families, and we all aren’t as fortunate to be in those situations. So mentioning the ever elusive “Process” is important here.

The most important takeaway from this track, is the fact that we should follow our chosen paths in life , regardless of what others may think or feel.

Overall, the project is a solid addition to an already impressive collection of music from Ervin Mitchell. You can check out the full DOUBLE DRAGON album here:


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