Spring Break Do’s & Don’ts

As February comes to an end and midterms creep up upon us college students, spring break is right around the corner! Spring Break is a time for students all over to go on a quick vacation and let go. Rather it’s built up stress from school/ work, the diet you have been on, or that boring relationship that you may feel stuck in, it is time to LET IT ALL GO! Or at least for a few days. Whether this might be your first Spring Break trip or third, here are some things to remember:

DO: Make sure all finances are handled. If there is a remaining balance when you check in, do not only make sure that you have all of your money but also make sure the people you are with have it as well. Also if it takes working a few extra shifts for some spending money, do it. You do not want to be the friend who has to skip a few meals or miss out on a party, due to financial reasons.

DON’T: Overpack. Overpacking is easy to do,especially if you are a little indecisive on which fit you want to wear. If your spring break trip includes a beach, you will not need many clothes anyway. Or if you have to fly, it is definitely best to pack lightly.

DO: Stick together at ALL times. This is clearly for safety reasons. Being alone in an unfamiliar place is a quick way to end up in a sticky situation. IF for any reason, your group does have to split up, make sure that everyone is sharing their locations with one another and the ringer is on. I would also suggest keeping a portable charger on you because one thing that is worse than being alone is being alone with a dead phone.

DON’T: be TOO friendly. During Spring Break, you will more than likely be meeting and talking to  A LOT of people. There is nothing wrong with hanging out with some peers that you met at the beach or club, but just keep in mind that you do not know these people for real. With that being said, you do not know people’s true intentions. Be friendly, yes. But being TOO friendly and allowing these new friends in your room to hang out? Ehh…that’s less than smart.

Do: Wrap it up! This should be common sense, but you know….some people just do not care. We are all grown, so having sex with someone you just met is not that big of a deal. What is a big deal is whether or not you are being safe. Who wants to come back from spring break with an STD or a baby on the way?? To be honest, I don’t know which one is worse…especially if it is from someone who’s last name you don’t even know. Just be smart, and please be safe.

Don’t: Get sloppy drunk. Okay but THIS. This is a big one! Drinking is all fun and games until it is you in that video that went viral on Twitter. If you do not know your limit, spring break is not the time to find out. Also, you don’t want to be that friend that your friends have to drag/carry out of the club. Getting a little tipsy might be cute, but falling out and vomiting? Uh-uh. No. Don’t do it.

Spring Break should be a blast. But in order to have a good time with no regrets, it is just imperative that you remember the do’s and don’ts. While this is time to let it all go, don’t let go of your brain and don’t get let go from that job. Anyways, just have fun and be safe!!


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