‘Us’ movie: A MUST SEE

Jordan Peele has done it again. Peele has given the world another gem! The Us movie that premieres Friday, Mar. 22, is a film like no other. Rated 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, this is definitely a five star film.

There is no dull moment throughout the movie. Every few minutes, there is sure to be several screams. The amount of suspense is enough to make a person be on the edge of his or her seat and stay there.

Not only is the movie scary, but the plot itself is amazing. As soon as the audience feels like they understand the plot fully, a plot twist comes to smack them in the face. It is literally jaw dropping.

Another factor that will keep the viewers engaged is the metaphors displayed in the film. If a person is not really paying attention, then it is easy to miss something; however, getting distracted during this film is very difficult.

Throughout the movie, a bible verse is shown and it gives a deeper explanation of the plot. After watching the movie, reading the scripture, and analyzing everything that occured, the viewer will leave feeling different types of emotions. Some viewers might have a light bulb moment, while some viewers might be like “well damn.” Some viewers might even experience both.

A black horror film that is of good quality? A true gem. Even the various types of camera shots that were used were amazing. This movie is definitely a MUST SEE. There are countless films that debut and the reviews may overhype it, but Us is not one of them. Oh, Us is for sure worth all of the hype that it is going to get. Jordan Peele did what he had to do. A cinematic masterpiece is what Us is.


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